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Enterprise Culture
2011-08-14 14:36:11

Our corporate culture is based on shared values: a simple and optimistic lifestyle, a natural way of working and being together, without imposing exaggerated respect and complicated regulations.The key words are simplicity and humility, thrift, a sense of responsibility, enthusiasm and flexibility. The most important of these is simplicity, as seen in the unpretentious way we associat with each other.There are no status symbols to create barries between managers and their fellow workers.

Our corporate culture helps us to retain the spirit and to create a feeling of belonging in a large international organization.Keeping our culture alive is management's key task. The best way is to set a good example and care about the employees. To see the person behind the professional.Caring means listening and encouraging new ideas and fresh initiatives, action and a sense of responsibility. Caring also means following up, putting right what goes wrong. Being able to praise and rebuke.

Our commitment is "Best Quality, Competitive Price, and Excellent Service". We welcome you to join us to create a prosperous future together.


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