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HP Job Reduction
2012-07-27 19:11:07

HP Job Reduction

Hewlett Packard recently announced their plan to eliminate 27,000 jobs from their worldwide work force; which is calculated to save them in excess of 3.5 billion dollars during the next few years. Doing the simple math, the average cost savings HP is hoping for amounts to about $130,000 per employee.

So what does this mean to the remanufacturer?

The layoff is scheduled to be worldwide including the large HP operations in England, India, Australia and North America. I read their Indian HP subsidiaries are not too concerned because their employees average only 1/3 of the cost of US and English HP workers. The Indian HP staff feels it will easier to lay off one European or North American worker rather than eliminating 3 Indian workers.

Perhaps a few USA patent attorneys positions may be eliminated. This might cut down on the number of lawsuits and cease and desist orders being issued. There may be some highly trained industry workers, who have lucrative retirement packages, who may be looking for a job within the remanufacturing industry. These former HP workers may be able to take the place of employees temporary lost after I.C.E. visitations. 
Hewlett-Packard Co may decide to lay off their tax advisors who suggested the $190 million Dutch tax shelter, designed by the derivatives arm of American International Group, which was disallowed by the US Internal Revenue Service after a lengthy appeal.

Since the announcement of these anticipated job eliminations; HP stock prices have risen. The HP first quarter earnings of 1.6 billion dollars equaled 80 cents per share. However, the HP fiscal quarter ending in April 2012 also showed a 31% decline from the 2.3 billion dollar profit reported in April 2011.

I doubt that HP will vanish like the Polaroid camera. In the future, maybe they will consider re-manufacturing their own cartridges.

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