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Inkjet & Toner Cartridge Problems and Solution
2012-08-01 10:17:06



Inkjet Cartridge Problems and Solution


   After the cartridge is inserted into the printer, why does the printer not recognize the cartridge?


· Take the cartridge out and reinstall it again.


· Use a dry cloth or paper tissue to clean the chip and reinstall it.




    Sometimes when a OEM cartridge is installed, a warning prompt states that "Non-genuine cartridge is installed, continue?" why does this happen?


· Warning prompt is set by the printer manufacturer.


· Click YES to continue printing.


· There is no impact on printer and printing quality.




   When a new cartridge is inserted, the printer sometimes states the new cartridges to be half full. Why does it happen?


· The printer only estimates the level of the ink in the cartridge. It is not a precise measurement.


· The new cartridges should be full and should last as long as normal.




    Nothing prints out or color absence exists when new    cartridge(s) are installed. Why does it happen?


· Ensure that you have purchased the correct cartridge for your printer.


· Make sure the printhead works normally. Conduct printhead cleaning if it's dry or blocked.


· Make sure the yellow sealing label is removed before installation. Absolutely, make sure the air holes are printed for cartridges with a yellow pin attached (non-yellow sealing lable cartridge).




   Vertical lines are not aligned or vertical banding appears. How do I align the print head on my printer?


· First make sure you are using the most current version of the printer driver.


· Most printers will have a utility function which will give you an option to align the printer head. Follow the instructions on the screen.


· Make sure to use the printer's power switch to turn off the printer, otherwise the settings will not be saved.


· If you have already tried to align the print head and did not have any success, try turning high speed off in the printer driver settings.




Only garbled text is printing. Why?


· The interface cable may not be securely connected. Turn off the printer and computer. Disconnect and reconnect the cable on both the printer and computer.


· Make sure the printer is directly connected to the computer and not through a pass through device such as a switchbox. Make sure the printer cable is fully-shielded and meets the printer's specifications (a fully shielded IEEE-1284.4, D4 mode, compliant parallel cable is recommended with a length of 6 feet or less if you are using a PC).


· If you are only experiencing the issue when trying to print from Windows, make sure you are using the correct driver. Select your default printer driver. Check for and delete any stalled print jobs.




   When I print a sheet, the colours do not exactly match the ones displayed on my screen.


· Differing monitor drivers will produce slightly different colours and therefore the colours displayed on your screen will always be slightly different than the ones that your printer prints.


· You could try to match them but each program uses a slightly different driver and therefore each colour scheme is slightly different.




Toner Cartridge Problems and Solution


    Pages printed out are light in color, why?


 · The printer setting may be in "toner save" mode, please reset to the default mode.


 · The OPC drum may be aged.Please replace it.


 · The mirror of laser scanner may be blurry with dust.Please clean it.


 · The LBD of laser scanner may be aged. Please replace it.




  There are scratches on your print, why?


 · If you print on glossy paper, prints may be scratched if not handled properly. Don't place objects on top of your prints, and be careful not to scratch them with your fingernails. For best results, frame your prints under glass.


 · The film for fix image is contaminated and need replaced.


 · The tempeature of heat the potsherd is too low, you may replace the potsherd.


 · The toner in the cartridge is disqualification. please use the regular one.




  Your printout is blurry or smeared.


 · Make sure your paper isn't damp or curled, or loaded face down (the printable side should be face up).


 · Replace the OPC.


 · Load a new sheet of plain paper and press the paper button to eject it. Do this several times. If you still have a problem, ink may have leaked inside the printer, and you need to clean it.


 · Align the print head.


 · Remove each sheet from the output tray as it is printed.


 · Avoid handling printouts on glossy paper for a few hours to allow the ink to set.


 · If ink smears on the back of a printout, clean the inside of the printer.


 · If you are using double-sided paper and printing heavily saturated or dark images on the front side of the paper, you may notice that smudges or marks appear on the front when you print the second side. If one side of the paper will contain a lighter image or text, print that side first to eliminate marks or smudging.

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