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Laser printer from the print proofs of the failure
2012-10-20 16:34:07

1. Appear stripes fault reasons:

(1) imaging device is stained with carrier and toners around by photosensitive drum adsorption or fell on paper be caused by.

(2) imaging is stirring device operates bad or toner caused by damp agglomerate.

(3) reflector or lens pollution by the clean can.


2. The reason: appear longitudinal black

According to the photosensitive drum, clean part, development part, the sequential search fuser parts fault reasons.

(1) photosensitive drum and other parts contact scratch or due to excessive squeegee pressure surface friction damage photosensitive drum.

(2) scraper blade defective or accumulates pink edge overmuch.

(3) imaging roller, uneven distribution on a toner distribution or scraper under mot sundry.

(4) magnetic roller is stained with strip toners and on things.

(5) heat transfer is not blocked after entrance, and the end is part of the surface friction and damage the image entrance.

(6) heating roller surface is stained with toner etc dirt.


3. Appear longitudinal white reasons:

(1) photosensitive drum produces serious scratch cause not printed toner.

(2) charging wire electrode with dirt caused photosensitive drum corresponding portions and appear not filling electric white stripes.

(3) power supply voltage causes uneven recharging voltage produced size is differ and edge not pure white stripes.

(4) printing wire electrode local too dirty to normal transfer.

(5) toners less and uneven or separation claw deformation.


4. No pictures, paper completely black reasons:

May be control circuit or scanning circuit failure.


5. Appear all white image reasons:

Involving optical parts, charging part and mechanical parts.

(1) laser or laser control circuit damage.

(2) optical system is foreign body keep out; Reflector Angle the wrong; Reflector damage or too dirty; Reflector surface aging.

(3) scanning driver circuit fault, namely no scans.

(4) charging electrode damage; Charging electrode attachment disconnect; Electrode contact undesirable or transfer broken wire electrode.

(5) gear transmission shaft, wheel turn turn not, cause photosensitive drum not turn.


6. Appear transverse black stripes white reasons:

(1) charging electrode wire poor contact can be heard on both ends, voice, transverse appear discharge blank.

(2) charging electric wire electrode printing and away too loose.

(3) photosensitive drum rotational speed, drum shaft uneven deviate center, charging or transfer caused by uneven.

(4) imaging roller drive clutch friction or skid.


7. Print image dirty reasons:

There are rules image pollution, often appear in print one part, and the sample parts pollution or damage to the printer corresponding. No rules image pollution are often caused by irregular pollution.

(1) photosensitive drum surface contamination or scratch.

(2) imaging parts: imaging roller was matted with curing toners block, cause four37-metre adsorption ability strengthens.

(3) clean parts: photosensitive drum cleaning device damage, especially clean scraper location imbalance or a gap.

(4) printing electrode or charging electrode non-uniform, causing about around the ribbon pollution uneven depth.

(5) heating roller surface rubber aging deciduous or have Nick; Or fuser roller, leading to the defect of cleaning brush with heating roller local filth.

(6) fuser device thermistors switches and thermal resistor sensor surface, causing friction caking absorb dust increases, measuring temperature inaccurate, the damage on heating roller and thermal resistor sensor.

(7) rub paper roller was toners contamination resulting from print image dirty.


8. Black image appeared on a regular or irregular spot reason:

(1) photosensitive drum for photographic layer peel, scratches black part due to appear regular white spots.

(2) imaging bias in too high or cartridge containing impurities.

(3) adjust clean printing wire electrode.

(4) when high recharging voltage, discharge breakdown, breakdown or half unshaven, creating fine white dot photosensitive drum.


9. Print sample back pollution reasons:

(1) imaging device, or cleaner toner leaks out and in sprinkled on the paper on the back of that paper on pollution.

(2) heating roller, make toners clean bad next pressure roller touch on the paper back pollution.


10. Fuser insufficient reasons:

(1) fuser tubes damage or contact undesirable, heating silk breakers, cause no fuser temperature or fuser temperature too low.

(2) fuser heating roll wear, the surface appears sunken pit, appear local fuser rickety.

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