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SAMSUNG CLT-406S BK/C/M/Y printers’ firmware update and solutions
2013-09-04 10:28:04

SAMSUNG CLT-406S BK/C/M/Y printers’ firmware update and solutions

SAMSUNG released the firmware update on August 16, 2013 for the printers which using CLT-406S BK/C/M/Y color toner cartridges. And it will make some compatible CLT-406S toner cartridge chips can’t be recognized by the printers.

However, TIPCOLOR already solved this problem with our professional technology and great engineer team. Our CLT-406S BK/C/M/Y toner cartridges will be in excellent performance in the latest printer firmware. No need to worry about the firmware update anymore.

And the following solutions were provided for the firmware update in the future:

1.     Please ask us to replace the new chips when your toner cartridges can’t work in the latest firmware. We will try our best to solve your problems even if you are not using TIPCOLOR products so far.

2.     Inform your end-users to use these toner cartridges in the printers produced before 16th August, 2013. And ask your customers do not update to the latest firmware by internet.

TIPCOLOR will always try our best to help to provide the best solutions to our partners in every aspect. And any news about SAMSUNG firmware update will keep you posted.

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